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Halibut Hotspots - British Columbia


Northern Section                    Southern Section - Vancouver Island

1)  Portland Inlet                                         1)  Pine Island
2)  Dundsa Island                                        2)  Farquarhar Bank
3)  Chatham Sound                                   3)  Taylor Bank
4)  Prince Rupert                                         4)  George Bank
5)  Edye Pass                                               5)  Christi Pass
6)  Two peaks Ground                              6)  Malcohm Island
7)  Banks Island                                          7)  Port Hardy
8)  Caamano Sound                                   8)  Port McNeil
9)  Aristazabel Island                                9)  Telegraph Cove
10)  Laredo Sound                                    10)  Gilford Island
11)  Milbanke Sound                                11)  Cape Scott
12)  Bella Bella                                            12)  Quatsino Sound
13)  Queens Sound                                    13)  Brooks Bay
14)  Hakai Pass                                           14)  Checleset Bay
15)  Smith Sound                                         15)  Nootka Sound
16)  Queen Charlottes                              16)  Clayoquot Sound
17)  Graham Island                                   17)  Tofino
18)  Sand Spit                                              18)  Ucluelet
19)  Moresby Island                                 19)  Barclay Sound
                                                          20)  Bamfield
                                                          21)  Port San Juan
                                                                         22)  Beechey Head
                                                                             23)  Peddar Bay
                                                                             24)  Race Rocks
                                                                             25)  Victoria  Saanich
                                                                             26)  Nanaimo
                                                                             27)  Parksville
                                                                             28)  Campbell River
  A fisherman need only glance at any map or chart of the British Columbia coastline to get some idea of the limitless halibut fishing opportunities available in this vast province. From the wide open waters of the Dixon Entrance at the BC - Alaska border, to Race Rocks in he middle of the Strait of Juan de Fuca, this coastline offers more than enough halibut haunts to keep any angler busy for an entire lifetime.

Cities, roads and ports have been built near some of BC's more productive halibut grounds, while fishing lodges and charter operations have sprung up near a few others. Some of the province's  halibut hot spots, though, are truly in the middle of nowhere, miles from any human activity. Because much of the coast is lightly developed and sparsely inhabited , it is a safe bet that some of the province's halibut hotspots have yet to be seriously explored.

Below are just some of the places you may want to try.